Happy New Year lovelies! How was your celebration lats night? Do you have goals and new things you’re going to be ushering into your life? If you don’t, boy, do I have the tool for you. Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead. A few nights ago I spent the night cuddled up on the couch with her workbook that helped me pinpoint exactly what it is in 2013 I plan do and how I plan to do it. Get ready to plan BIG! There is no small thinking allowed. 
There were two things I absolutely loved about the workbook. The first was looking at where I’ve been and what I need to let go from the previous year. The second part I loved, pinpointing in one word the essence of all that I dream of in the here and now. Mine word is….are you ready?………..


Nourish in the traditional sense and on a much deeper level too. Last year had lots of highs and wonderful memories that I cherish, but it was also a year wrought with illness from being in the hospital to having shingles. It’s time I learned how to more properly nourish my body, but I’m not stopping there. My goal is to glow from the inside out with health and happiness that comes from a place of ‘richness’ you can only attain through experiences and achievements that feed the spirit. 
This nourished, rich year includes, but is not limited to: 
: Working with a health coach 
: Chickens and a coop [in my very own backyard] 
: Visiting the elephants 
: Teaching, sharing and creating 
: Being calm and in the moment
: Finding my tribe, locally and beyond 
: Learning to embroider  
: Building strength 
Celebrate all that you’re planning, dreaming and scheming towards. It’s going to be a year to remember.  

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