A Green Thumb

As the days get longer and warmer, I find myself spending more and more time in the garden. Although I use the term, ‘garden’ loosely. My green thumb is in it’s infancy, but steadily getting greener by the day. I’m happy to report the seedlings that were planted late winter, are thriving in their pots on the back deck, my lavender is noticeably larger than last year and I’ve learned how to replant hostas. Funny, I know.

Over the next week, I hope to have sunflowers in the ground as well as a lemon tree and a pumpkin patch started. Oh how I dream of my very own Charlie Brown pumpkin patch. It’s going to be pure magic.

As my green thumb develops, I’ve learned quite a bit along the way, including:

:: Weeding is a never ending task.
:: Proper gardening tools make the job so much easier.
:: Dairy farm soil is the best for an herb and vegetable garden.
:: Plants don’t have to be super expensive. In fact, check the brush and woods around your house for plants that can be added to the garden [they are free of charge].
:: Lettuce from your own garden is the BEST!
:: Add to the garden in phases. The inner superwoman powers should not be applied to gardening [Speaking of her, I’m letting my inner superwoman take the summer off].

And last, but not least [insert drum roll, please]….

:: Ants in your pants, is not just a funny saying. It can happen.

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