A Happy Day

Yesterday was a full day with happiness surrounding me from start to finish. It started off with great news on the doggie front. His blood pressure is finally where it needs to be and his eyesight is returning. That alone is reason enough to be happy and celebrate. 

By mid-morning, when I found a place to teach a four-week beginner mixed media class, I was ready to do cart wheels. The next two weeks will be filled with recruiting for the class and general class prep and I cannot wait.

The afternoon I spent winding down at the spa. What a total indulgence. For the holidays last year, my brother gave me a gift certificate for the spa and I was long overdue in using. I booked a hot poultice thai massage that helped me soak in all that was good. The medicinal hot poultice was used for detoxification, healing and deep relaxation. Accupressure was used to open the energy channels and was followed by a a massage.

Trust me, it was as heavenly as it sounds and it gave me the energy I need to begin this new teaching adventure.

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