A New Theme, A New Year

How have your holidays been? It’s been a quiet holiday [the enjoyable kind] where one day effortlessly flows into the next. No to-do lists. No crazy running errands with a long list. Just time to read, to watch the fire, to gaze at the tree, and daydream while the snow falls with a warm cup of tea. How the end of the year should be spent, in my humble opinion. 

These last weeks of the year and today especially are such a great time for quiet reflection and ‘taking stock’, as the Queen would say. A new year, a new slate filled with dreams to be born. 2013 was a journey in learning how to live the right life for me. Learning what nourished me, literally and figuratively. It was a tale of meeting my inner ‘road warrior’ [aka abundant, resilient, mindful energy]. And now I’m ready to follow my bliss.

‘When you follow your bliss….doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.’ Joseph Campbell
May the coming year bring you all that your heart desires. 

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