A Time to Harvest

There’s a season for all things and as the summer days start to fade into fall, my summer harvest this year isn’t about tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh from the garden veggies, but it consists of just one thing – lavender.

This is my first full year with these plants and I was pleasantly surprised at just how hardy they are. They were planted in pure, one-hundred percent sunshine, were watered a bit from the sprinklers in the yard (and when it rains) and they grew to produce a fair amount of lavender. So much so, that I haven’t had a chance to cut all the plants back and dry out the stems. 
The aromatic stems were a pure joy to cut, bundle and hang in my studio. They’re done drying out, but I’m not quite ready for them to move into sachets. They look too pretty in the window. Maybe in another day or two, I’ll take them down and go right back out to the garden and cut some more. 
Hope you’re soaking in the last few weeks of this brilliant season. Here we’re trying to cram in everything we can before we get busy raking leaves, picking apples and pumpkins and start looking forward to one of our favorite holidays, Halloween. 

Enough of fall talk for now, it’s time to head out and send summer off in style.

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