A Torn Heart

Not sure where the time goes, but I have to apologize for being an absentee blogger. The days are flying by with house projects, art projects and life in general. A few weeks ago I stumbled across this picture and it captured my attention.  A scruffy Shih Tzu with glasses — crack me up. My husband loved it so much he made it our dog’s Facebook profile picture [I know, I know. Don’t get me started. It’s all Arte’s doing]. 
All kidding aside, it turns out it was a bit of a prophetic moment. My little guy has been having a hard time finding me in another room when I call him, not able to see the toy in front of him and even finding the little pieces of food that falls on the floor when I’m cooking. It’s been a slow and gradual change, with a noticeable decline within the past week. 
With a vet visit this morning, we now know he has cataracts. Sigh. My heart broke to hear those words. He is partially blind with only peripheral vision. It is likely he will go blind without surgery. The up side is that dog’s can lead a ‘normal,’ happy life being blind in a stable home where furniture and rooms stay the same. They know by heart where things are in the house and are able to function without difficulty. 

Not being able to attend the visit with him this morning, I was eager to get home and be with him. In my head, I forgot that he has been living with this and nothing new has changed from his perspective. My furry friend and first love, greeted me at the door with lots of kisses, tag wagging and nuzzling, ready for a treat and a little play time.

Whether or not we decide to pursue surgery is yet to be decided, but the one thing I’ve learned from my Jax is how resilient one can be. This, along with his love and loyalty has and continues to teach me some of life’s greatest lessons.

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