A Well Rounded Trip

This weekend we found ourselves in Rhode Island. Newport and then Providence to be exact. It’s a trip that we’ve been meaning to take, but for one reason or another we kept postponing. Although a free weekend before the holidays is almost unheard of, we seemed to have one, and took full advantage of it. 

Friday was filled with seafood by the water, a mansion tour and some time at the beach. The Breakers reminded me a bit of Downton Abbey from the outside with it’s stark looking angles. Arte said at one point, ‘I can’t imagine living here.’ I on the other hand, have no problem imagining that.

Albeit a bit cold, the beach was just stunning with the sky, sand and water being about the same color.  

The next morning we woke, to big fat flakes falling gently from above and covering the quiet city of Providence making it feel a bit like a snow globe. There were so many things I enjoyed about Providence, from it’s astute looking architecture, to museums, to quirky artistic pieces scattered here and there.

It truly is a well-rounded city, at least in my eyes. And the falling flakes made it that much more charming.

We took a break mid-day from taking in all the sights so I could meet up with one of my favorite bloggers. A couple of years back, I had the chance to meet her at her book signing, and I discovered she is as lovely in person as she is on her blog. We connected via email not too long ago and we decided to meet up when I was in town. 
Brunch at The Duck and Bunny, a snuggery [the ambiance is as adorable as the name suggests], was a perfect break to get out of the cold, sit by the fire and chat about creative life, staying authentic to oneself, chicken keeping and everything in between. 

She had the best suggestions for afternoon shopping, restaurants for dinner and of course where to go for dessert — one of the most important parts of the day. 

One of my favorite shops was, Simple Pleasures, a simple English looking cottage tucked out of the way, but well worth the extra few minutes it takes to get to.

For being so small, inside and out there was quite a bit of charm to take in, just like the state itself. 

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