Nicole Levy

Growing up, I was the little one who loved to quietly sit under the kitchen table when my mom and her sisters or friends were gathered, talking, making and sharing. That’s where the heart and beauty of life was, and still is. Today (instead of sitting under the table), I create spaces where through art women can gather, create and feel a deeper connection to what really matters, self. When we feel this, we are empowered and able to grow.

I’m a maker, blogger, writer, artist and a believer in dreams. The dreams we seek when we’re awake, when we’re creating and when we drift off to sleep are meaningful conversations between our conscious mind and our soul. When we choose to be brave, when we choose to listen, our dreams and our art will guide us towards our higher selves.

The art that flows through us is part of a deeper conversation with our highest self. And that energy you feel when creating is a natural grace between body, mind and soul. Sounds blissful, right? And then, somewhere in the day to day busyness of life, it’s easy to lose all this. To feel mere steps away from achieving your deepest desires and yet to still feel so far away from it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever noticed that when you gather with other creative spirits your creations flow easier? Even your thoughts change and become more clear and connected. I encourage you to join a class, reach out and begin to experience the difference that a little art time, time with you, can make.