Acorn Love

Have you noticed the subtle changes in the air? The days are still warm, and even hot, but the intensity isn’t what it was. The nights have been cool and some mornings almost chilly. I’ll admit, I had the heat on one morning in the car [don’t tell anyone. wink. wink]. 

It was a week or so ago, when I spotted acorns on the ground. You would have thought there was a race between me and the squirrels the way I lunged for the first one. The sight of acorns make me smile. They remind me of sweet, crisp fall weather, wonderful, simple memories and a time for nesting. I have even been known to kick them around the neighborhood, lost in thought, trying to gently kick the same one around the block. 

This year, I’m studying their varied shapes, sizes and colors for an upcoming acorn project. There were many days this summer I wanted to work on it, but it just didn’t feel right to be modeling acorns until they arrived. 

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