Another year

How has another year gone by?! It’s pretty hard to believe. Looking back on 2010….it’s been an incredible year. In honor of my obsessive list making here’s a run down of some of the highlights:

– Quit my job
– Got engaged
– Planned the wedding. Lost the venue
– Take 2 – planned the wedding again
– Got married
– Found a great new job
– Explored Costa Rica, Bolton Landing, Geneva, Boston and Long Island
– Made many yummy homemade soups
– Had one massive garage sale
– Learned how to slow down
– Read a ton of great books
– Became an aunt of a pretty little seven year old and an English Bulldog named Tonka
– Took some life altering classes
2011 Goals…Hopes….Dreams….Wishes…..
– Start a creative group
– Raise some chickens
– Blog way more than in 2010 😉
-Start a fun business – maybe a store on Etsy
– Plan a few trips
– Write a home manual
– Continue to enjoy life and have fun

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