Art in the Making

It was a cold weekend here in New York. A perfect weekend for staying inside and making art. With multiple pieces in works for my opening this Friday night, my studio exploded into the kitchen and onto the island and the table. If the surface was free, it was mine for the taking. 

It was at times beautiful and times a bit chaotic feeling with the multiple themes I was playing around with. Not how my kitchen typically looks and feels. It was in direct conflict with my day-to-day Type A personality, but my inner artist was totally fine. 

I played around a lot with paper and fabric, which are my go-to elements, but I also tried working with wood and metal, which I also really enjoyed. Much more than I would have anticipated. 
In the end, I was able to complete three, almost four, new pieces over the course of a few days. That my friends, is what I call an art marathon. It has left my mind much more full of ideas than I expected. Not at all as drained on ideas as I would have thought. Go figure. 

The rest of the week I’ll be finishing up my big piece and working on one more little one for an upcoming class. Stay tuned for more pictures later in the week. 
In addition, a new project will get kicked off this week. A book. My first. For years and years, I have been wanting to write a book, particularly a children’s book. This year, I wrote about it in my 2013 plan and here it is already. It will be a gift and a self-published book, but nonetheless exciting. 

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