Being Gentle

Why is it as women we put so much pressure on ourselves? For me, it tends to happen without even realizing it. As I try to regain energy and momentum, I’m noticing I’m more aware of this self-imposed pressure. I’ve made a conscious decision to be gentle on myself. This means things like, when I need a nap, I take a nap. If I feel like not working in my studio, then I don’t. The mood will certainly strike when I’m good and ready. No more forcing what I’m not quite ready for.
This gentleness has helped with balancing, which in turn has lead to more energy and creativity. I’ve been spending more and more time in my studio. Sometimes it’s just to read or organize a little. But it has also lead to more time creating. Lately I’ve been focusing on things of pure interest and enjoyment. Dresses. Fashion. Paper. Cards.
 One of my prototype cards was the perfect lesson on being gentle. In the end, there’s a little too much glue, the string too thick and the glitter a little too blah. BUT, after all, it’s just a prototype with lots of time to perfect it. And because of that, I’m truly able to like it for what it is. I hurried out of the studio last night to show my husband, who lovingly said, “Wow, nice cat!” In the spirit of being gentle, all I could do was laugh and tell him it was a dress.

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