Black and White and Pink All Over

All I want this Valentine’s Day is to be home with my guy. To make our day special, I’ve turned our library nook into a heart filled cafe using black, white and pink decor. Instead of dining under the stars, we’ll be dining under hearts on string.
Black, white, pink and brown card stock paper hearts hang in the windows and from the light fixtures overhead. There are 125 hearts glued to 12 pieces of string. Its a sight to see [although my back still isn’t too happy with me from all the cutting, bending and gluing, it was still with it]. 
Simple white linens provide a clean backdrop for pink felt hearts as our centerpiece. 
And, what’s a cafe without a champagne table?! Two candles and an old refurbished Altoid tin were all the decorations needed. 
Happy Valentine’s Day my lovely blog readers. 

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