Business Cards With a Twist

They have arrived! And in the nick of time too! Never have I been this excited about business cards. I’ve been to one too many gatherings where I’m jotting down my info on a scrap piece of paper. This afternoon when I attend a swap meet up I can proudly hand out my cards. Not only do they have one of those techie QR codes on the back that when scanned with a smart phone will take you right to my blog, but they have a homemade sleeve that gives them that extra tactile detail.  

Plain old white coin envelopes were used along with a lace style hole punch to create a sleeve for the cards. A custom stamp kit found at the craft store along with a lavender colored ink pad helped create the Lavender Nest packing for these cards. A stem of lavender in each proved to be the perfect final touch.

If you happen to be looking for ways to package those special moments in your life, whether it be for a baking swap, a picnic with friends, a birthday party or a larger celebration like a shower, Garnish knows how to do it right. Their site is filled with great ideas and supplies to make it all happen. This quote on their site just sums it all up for me. 

“Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between special and spectacular? It’s the garnish…that little something extra that brings a sparkle to the eye and a giggle to the heart.” 

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