Artist Statement

For an upcoming show in August,  I was asked for a bio and artist statement. The latter I didn’t have. These things tend to be challenging to write when the subject turns to me. Someone else though, no problem. 

To get started I sat down with a notepad and thought about how all this creating began, some of my favorite materials, what I strive for, patterns/themes in my pieces, qualities of my work and things of this nature. With a number of words, phrases and thoughts on the page, all I had to do was organize it.  

‘What started out as just an art class I signed up for, turned into another way of seeing the world. A world that is more free, with less rules than the one we live in. Creating mixed media is one of the ways I let go and play.

My style is a little whimsical and a wee bit vintage with some girly flare thrown in for good measure. I love to work with old and fun patterned papers, clothing patterns as well as fabric, especially doilies and lace. As of late, spoons, acorns, and wings have been making their way into the mix [sometimes all at once]. Recycling items from relatives stowed away treasures that they thought had seen better days and rescuing items from flea markets also make their way into my artwork. Honoring the past, in a new way is pure pleasure. There really are no rules, except it has to feel right. 

When people see my work, my hope is that they feel a sense of connection to another time or space, a sense of lightness and overall they can stand in a gentle place where seeing and experiencing art is fun without the seriousness that has a tendency to accompany art.’