Brimfield in May

My husband, parents and I made the trek to Brimfield on Friday. All week the word on the street was that merchandise was moving. Vendors were happy and so was the crowd. 

There was a time or two before we left when I thought, ‘I bet things are picked over. Maybe it’s not worth going at all.’ Ha! Not even close to being possible. 
One: the sheer amount of stuff is mind boggling. It throws me into a state of sensory overload that takes me a good hour or so to mentally process. 

Two: I’ve learned that a decent amount of sales on the first day or two are between buyers. Some of those buyers are the ones actually at Brimfield. 

With miles and miles of fields and vendors, there is no need to worry about things being picked over. You could go on the last day and still find plenty to look at and pick through. 

One of the other things I learned as I was picking through things [vendors chat among themselves openly and there can be some informative nuggets of information] is that the May show has the most variety and the most amount of things, which makes perfect sense after a winter full of collecting. 

The July show tends to get so hot, that many vendors skip it all together. I for one, I am a bit hesitant to attend this show for that exact reason. 
The September show is where you can supposedly find the most bargains. After a long selling season, vendors are ready to unload those items they have been lugging around. 

Whether or not this is all actually true, is probably debatable, but it does seem fairly logical. Having attended twice in May and once in the fall, I have to agree with this nugget of info. 

All in all it was a wonderful day. Not too hot, not too cold and more treasures than the mind could process or even see in a day. I was on the hunt for doilies, spoons and a few odds and ends here and there. 

We started out in a field with tons and tons of cool, modern furniture and I began to think doilies was going to be like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Most of the morning was spent just browsing and having fun taking pictures of this and that….

…including an air plane. I mean really, of all things. An air plane. It just cracks me up the things you see. 

After lunch I was refueled and ready to begin looking again and quickly started seeing things of a bit more interest.

[My mind has been thinking and thinking about how to upcycle these shoe stretchers. They are just way too fun]. 

In the end, I found a fabric vendors with tables of doilies. I was so overwhelmed there are no pictures. I almost walked away because I couldn’t process it all, but my sweet guy insisted we stay and take our time going through things.  And wouldn’t you know, there were a few that were exactly what I was looking for!