Cabin fever is kicking in and I’m getting a little anxious for spring to arrive. I’m starting to yearn for brighter colors and to put away the red, black, grey and white neutrals in the house, in my closet and for colorful flowers to spring to life in the yard. But silly me, here in New York we have a ways to go, now don’t we?! 
Instead, a mid-week mixed media collage piece using many of my muses [pastels, washi paper, tea, doilies and colorful paper] will have to fill this albeit temporary void. This piece is actually going to be used as a promotion piece at an upcoming week long fair where attendees can sign up for a variety of classes, including a beginners mixed media collage class. 
My hope is that the sweet gentleness of this piece encourages those looking for a new experience, that has the potential to usher in wonderful new things into their lives, to sign up for the class. I’m a firm believer that trying and learning new things is good for the mind, body and soul. Many incredible things have come my way with this outlook, and my intention is to offer a class that puts exactly that back out into the world. 
Please do feel free to message me if you or someone you know is in upstate New York and is looking for a mixed media collage class. I’d be happy to share the details.