Sustainable Beauty

As I settle into the week and reflect more on the retreat at Omega, Sustainable Beauty from the Farm, with Farmaesthetics and Brenda Brock, the feeling of gratitude overwhelms me. Gratitude for the universe giving me multiple signs about the need to attend this workshop, gratitude towards Brenda and her team for all their gifts [these ladies are truly lovely], and gratitude for being ready to take all of it in — to be fully present and mindful. 
The weekend was similar to gathering with your favorite ladies around the kitchen table for a meaningful chat about how to nourish body, mind and soul. This meant time spent making bases for natural skin care products, learning techniques and resources from a multitude of disciplines and lots of sharing. Oh, how abundant this sharing was. From herbs, to essential oils, to old wives tales and more, there wasn’t a moment where something wasn’t being taught  by either Brenda and her team or from the class itself. 

As one student said, “something is bound to happen when a group of women gather like this.” And happen it did. Freely, without judgement and reservation. I can’t honestly recall being in an environment with this many women where cards weren’t held close, at least to some degree. All sense of competition seemed to be non-existent with the belief that there is a loving plan for all and enough success to go around, not for just a few chosen ones.

This approach to teaching and being in the presence of so much love and talent opened a part of me that I had started to close, making me realize where more of my energy needs to be spent. 

How tending, making and connecting with a community, other women, the seasons, and myself begs to be cultivated more deeply, honored and sustained as a rhythm as natural as my heartbeat.

‘Women play a vital role in the enlightenment and upliftment of a moral society. Their power grows from their investment in preserving the sacred ways of nature. It is this power that makes women the great educators, guides, instructors, and nourishers…At this axial time in the history of the earth, it is imperative that women reclaim and resume their roles as nurturers, healers, and the healed.’ – Maya Tiwari