Lucky Star

Imagine a place where days are spent with kindred spirits learning and making among the ancient Cypress trees with views of rugged limestone hills along the Guadalupe River. The sweet smell of Sycamore trees floating on the breeze and the hillsides covered in native stone cabins, each with their own charm and story to tell; where nights are spent laughing and dreaming under the big Texas sky by the campfire. 

A place where whole living meets art at a sleep away camp. No joke, this place really does exist and it’s called, Lucky Star Art Camp. I am over the moon excited to be one of the instructors this fall. Collectively, we are offering an eclectic mix of classes from art to writing, sewing, to canning and preserving to jewelry making. Quite simply, there is a class for every interest. 

My first class, is called Upcycle Your Wardrobe and students are encouraged to bring clothes that may have seen better days or they’re tired of or don’t quite match their style anymore. With some scraps of fabric, needle and thread and a little creativity it’s amazing how they can become a new garment that can be cherished once again. 

My half day class, Stamp It, will teach students how to make their own stamps out of materials, bought and found, instead of relying on mass produced stamps found in the craft stores. The class will truly encourage students to play and allow for time to use their new stamps in a project they maybe working on. 

Whether you attend art camps on a regular basis, or have never been to one, I would highly encourage you to check this one out. Having attending multiple art camps in the past, I can assure you it is well worth the time, planning, money and energy it takes to get there. 

There is something special that happens when you carve out time for you to focus on ideas and projects you have been dreaming of. I am talking about the things daydreams are made of, moments that change your thinking and even change your life. 

Oh and did I mention there is early bird registration deals?! Plus one lucky lady will win free tuition.