Making Room

Oh it’s that time of year. Spring cleaning. It’s too early to weed the garden so instead the house gets weeded out of this and that. There’s nothing like a good old purge. It all started with a stack of magazines that need going through and somehow that lead to the pantry and then other parts of the kitchen. 

And well before I knew it, much of the house was ‘under construction.’  The cleaning out and rearranging happened just in time though. As the indoor green house went up this weekend.

With it came trays and trays of soil for flowers, herbs and veggies. It was quite the assembly line in the kitchen with dirt everywhere, but now they’re tucked away, nice and warm, ready to grow. Lupine, calendula, kale, lettuce, cucumbers, beans, basil, thyme, sage, parsley, stevia and mint are just some of the seedlings that were planted. 

And in the midst of moving furniture, purging and planting this one slept through it all. He now keeps the seedlings company, curled up in the sun.