Hope Elephants

This word, ‘hope’ is one of my favorites – it has been for years. It’s a small word, thrown around quiet a bit in day-to-day chit chat [”I hope you are well” ”I hope I don’t have do that”, etc.], but there are some powerful intentions that accompany this four letter word. 
And that’s exactly what’s happening in Hope, Maine where two rescued/retired circus elephants, Rosie and Opal, are lucky to call home. We visited them a while ago – can’t believe I never shared this part of our Maine trip with you. I was completely besotted with them and continue to think of them often. 
Their eyes are just incredibly soulful. Did you know they have the ability to recognize and remember other elephants based on their features? Me neither. Talk about intelligent. 
During the visit, I couldn’t help but sense how much hope for a bright future they have brought to their town and more importantly the hope they have inspired to save their own species. It was quite evident from the way the visitors, young and old, interact with the staff on the tours, the look on their faces, the curious and serious questions being asked.  
Through their sanctuary of two, where they receive comprehensive medical care, well rounded nutrition based on their needs, activities to prevent them from getting bored and lots of unconditional love from their caretaker [a veterinarian] they raise awareness of the dire situation elephants are in –being poached at frightening numbers.  
It is through awareness efforts like these where an immense amount of hope resides. Hope that the next generation is given the gift of seeing these magnificent creatures here on earth versus a history book. 
Hope has the power to carry us and deliver powerful things my friends. If you happen to be traveling to Maine, I highly recommend stopping by to visit these two lovelies in Hope, Maine
P.S. If you’re wondering if we brought home a puppy, we did not, but it’s not entirely off the table either 😉