Oh October. Graceful. Enchanting. Captivating. If there was only one month to love in forever, it would be yours.

The chill in the air means nesting, decorated front porches and warm hearty meals by the fire. You also bring walks through the orchard for apples and a chance to touch your beauty. But let’s not forget the real show stopper. Those colorful leaves. After all, they make each outing a view to behold.

Your sun kissed colored leaves surround us. They rustle under foot, simultaneously releasing their distinctive and reassuring dried smell. Leaves swirl in the wind one minute and then the next, slowly fall through the air to become one with Mother Earth once more. And then there are the ones who hang on to their strong rooted trees, as if waiting to be admired by all that pass.

You are a reminder to connect with the richness and splendor of this place we call home. Let us soak in your gifts and store them for the winter ahead.