Omega Institute

This weekend I had the privilege of spending three days at the serene Omega Institute with inspiring, beautiful [inside and out], accomplished women from near and far. 

Upon arriving, the late afternoon, warm September light was just as perfect as it gets. I ran around like a kid at Disney trying not to miss a thing and capturing as much of it as I could. It seemed as though each corner of the property was meant for quiet reflection and discovery. 

From the garden structures and attention to detail on the smallest of things… 

…to the strategically placed chairs throughout the property….

…to the paths meant for quiet walks in which to reflect and ponder, it was a filling weekend that presented more gifts than I imagined it would.

New friends, ideas and all sorts of plans are swirling around, jotted down in notebooks and folded corners of book pages are all looking to come together to support those brave next steps that are just waiting to be taken. 
As I settle in this week and get my bearings, I’ll be back to share the other part of this adventure.