Ooh La La

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I have chocolate on the brain. So it seemed only natural to make one of my co-workers her own ‘Barre de chocolat’ to help her celebrate her upcoming birthday. This was super easy to make and not to mention affordable to do for multiple people when their birthdays roll around. The best part, you have a chic gift sure to be enjoyed.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to create your own delightfully pretty bar.

Supplies: Standard size chocolate bar; Plain wrapping paper; Decorative tissue paper; Embellishment and/or tag; Ribbon; Scissors and tape

Remove the outer wrapper on the chocolate bar, leaving the foil in place. Cut the plain wrapping paper so that it’s slightly smaller than the candy bar. Tape the long edges of the paper to create a sleeve for the bar. Repeat the same steps with the decorative tissue paper. (Using the plain wrapping paper sleeve will protect the thin foil, while the tissue paper adds that feminine touch).

An image from an old Papaya calendar served as the perfect embellishment and allowed a place on the back to write a little note.

Last but not least, leave your homemade goodie for the birthday girl to discover when she comes into work in the morning. Don’t be surprised if you hear some rustling of papers around the afternoon slump hour (wink, wink).