City Girl

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday as a city girl in the Big Apple. It was a birthday, numerically that does not have much significance, and yet it was one that means more than I can put into words at the moment [perhaps more on that later in the week]. For now, how about a few photos? 
Arriving in the city, we headed straight for the high line, which we laughed about immediately. This ‘city girl’ is a true country girl at heart and needed a little greenery and a park like setting to help with the transition, even if it was only for a a day. 
Is this not the cutest little pretzel stand you’ve ever seen?! Yes, yes, I know. It’s empty and yet I still adore it.  

One of the things I love about the city is that there is always something interesting to look at. Artwork surrounds you at every turn. Sometimes it’s loud and bold…

…other times, it is more quiet and feminine. The other thing I love about the city? All the wonderful food and foodie shops. 

It’s a good thing we walked, and walked and walked some more because oh how good the bread.

The bounty of the city was plentiful, just like all the wonderful wishes from family and friends that left me feeling full and deeply loved. How grateful I am.

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