Cupid’s Arrow Has Struck

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?

Ours was utterly romantic. As I was plotting and planning little surprises, so was my husband. Apparently we had so much fun around the holidays with homemade gifts we couldn’t resist conjuring up simple gestures to profess our love. Before you gag with all this ooey gooey stuff, check out a few pictures from our day…pretty please?!

Settling on one card wasn’t going to happen this year. So I decided to make a hanging card with multiple envelopes glued together. This provided plenty of real estate to decorate with sweet nothings, candy and other little goodies.

In addition to some blown up canvas photos from the wedding, I made us a memory box comprised of my wedding dress as the background (and no, I did not become a heartless bride and cut up my dress). The fabric came from remnants that the seamstress gave me when I had my fittings back in the summer. The box also contains our place cards, a special card that ‘coincidentally’ also happened to be the same poem that was read at our wedding and then there are things like flowers in the box. It really was a fun piece to put together. I call this the “us” gift because its for him just as much as it is for me.

So while I was doing all of this, my husband was planning my end of work-day surprise. Check it out! Red and pink spray painted hearts that line the driveway. It melted my heart. What a romantic guy!

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