Can you stand just one more holiday post from me? I pinkie swear that I have taken down all the holiday decorations in the house and that this is the very last of my holiday talk. There’s an ornament class I’ll be teaching this fall, and in my over preparation for it, I thought it would be best to make a few ornaments now, while still in the spirit with snow on the ground. 

This old spoon turned out to be my home run favorite. Loving the non-traditional colors, the use of lace as the hook to hang it by, scrap pieces of paper for the tree and of course glitter. The girl is easily swayed with a little sparkle, but I’m sure you know that by now. 

This little lady was from a set of six vintage ornaments found at a local antique shop. She sits on top of a former cardboard ribbon spool. The base has a couple of different types of ribbon and the top is reinforced with cardboard and music sheet paper.

The face on this little one makes me smile. The ornament would be perfect for a new baby or small child in the family. Old and new ephemera, bakers twine, a wooden spool and one  little pearl were the perfect ingredients for this ornament. 
The options are endless really and if time allowed, a few more would have been made, but I’ll save that for another afternoon and unless its the holidays, you have my Girl Scouts promise I won’t be posting pictures. 
In fact, I’m off to finish making a Valentine’s Day treat that I’ll share later in the week. 

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