It’s official, I’ve launched on Etsy and what a sense of accomplishment. This time last year, I was making hand scrub as holiday gifts for family, friends and co-workers. The response was overwhelmingly positive. So much so, that I could no longer toss up the compliments to people being polite or nice. 
In the past year, I’ve been asked to make the scrub for a local event, friends of friends recovery from illness and I’ve even placed them in a few boutiques with wild success. 

One woman I know has had trouble for years on end with her hands severely peeling. The severity of it caused her to seek medical attention and receive regular cortisone shots, with okay results. After using the scrub, the moisture in her hands has been restored, they’re left feeling moisturized and the peeling has greatly decreased. She carries a jar of it everywhere she goes.  
Hearing this and other stories like it, blow me away. There is definitely something about the combination of these all natural ingredients that heal not only the body, but the soul. 
This time last year, I would have never imagined it would turn into something more than a home made gift, and yet here I am, starting something new and loving every minute of it. 

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