Fabric and Texture

As I work towards my goal of creating six new pieces of art for my submission, I’m more and more focused on two things. One, adding as much texture to my backgrounds as I can. And second, working fabric into each of my pieces. There’s just something about the combination of paper and fabric that I am loving. 
These four pieces each measure 3”x3” and to be honest, I was a bit nervous working with canvases of this small size. Thus one of the reasons I chose to work with four of them combined to create one piece. For the background, I used pattern paper and added stamps, colors and doodles from there. My favorite part is the felt button hat found in an old jar full of buttons and notions. 
Digging through old stuff around the house in search of that perfect element instead of constantly running out to the craft store has become part of my process. I was telling my husband that I felt like I had run out of fun stuff to use for textures…I know, seems absurd, right?!
He told me to grab a box and join him on his turf, the basement. 

Seriously, the goodies we found down there could be wrapped right up and given to me for the holidays. I think I’m good on the texture front for a while. Wire, brushes, sponges, bubble wrap and more were in abundance down there, and FREE. It’s time to go play with my new toys. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    super cool :). I’m working on making photo greeting cards and will see about using fabric on them. We are so Squam inspired! Did you see their message about the new dates & locations next year?

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