Farm to Table

What a perfect weekend for a farm to table dinner. Arte and I attended an Outstanding in the Field (OTIF) dinner at Westport Rivers. Nestled among the vines and overlooking a pond as the sun set, was a table for 200. That’s right, 200 people!

OTIF travels around the county reconnecting communities to the land and the origins of their food by sourcing locally grown products that are then cooked by local chefs and artisans. It’s a true commitment to spreading the word about supporting sustainable agriculture. 
This memorable dining experience made me think of summers gone by. How people at one point ate; healthy, off the land and together, right where the food is grown. 
The simplicity, charm and setting provided an abundance of photo opportunities. Although there are two photo opps I am sad to have missed. The first, their bus, which broke down. And the second was the table prior to dinner. OTIF’s site provides photos that dreams are made of. If you’re need of a daydreaming break, be sure to check it out.

Oh, and yes, the food was good! All five courses of the meal were served with an abundance of fresh vegetables, different wines from the vineyard and beer from Pretty Things (what a fun name for a beer company). Dessert, which I will argue is one of the most important parts of a meal, was a lavender biscuit drizzled in lemon curd with berries a plenty. [yum!]

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  1. about a fox says:

    oh my gosh– my friend Michelle has been longing to go to an Outstanding in the Field forever . . I am going to share this link with her for sure.

    And THANK you for the tip about plain yogurt– I never knew that and it makes total sense and I will definitely try it starting today– xoxo, E

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