Field of Flowers

A few times a week, I pass a field of purple flowers. No matter the light; dawn or dusk, no matter the weather; sunny, rainy or foggy, it captures my attention. And each time I pass, I think to myself, one of these days I seriously need to snap a few pictures before the farmer mows down the field. 

One night last week I was on my way home and noticed the light couldn’t have been more soft and pretty. I drove home, picked up the camera and headed right back out [luckily the field is only a minute from the house]. Before the battery died in the camera – go figure- I was able to capture this purple field of flowers in all its evening glory. 

As of late, periwinkle, violet and lavender colors are working their way into my personal color palette [how ironic this color is not already one of my colors given my obsession with dried lavender], which is typically made up of pale sea greens and blues. It’s a secondary color that compliments this palette well, but I have to wonder what this subtle shift is all about. 

Colors have such a powerful way of conveying emotion.  I do believe it’s time to check my Colorscope and get to the bottom of this. What’s your Colorscope?

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