Finding the Balance

Life has been completely out of balance for the last two weeks. I won’t sugarcoat it. The days were long and I crawled into bed with exhaustion that I felt to my core. With multiple people in my family ‘down and out’ with various medical concerns (they are all okay in the grand scheme of things) I’ve done whatever I could to help make everyone’s days a bit easier.

At the end of last week, things started to settle down and my days started to return to a slower, more manageable pace. Life is returning to how I left it pre-Squam. [Yep, life currently is thought of now as pre and post-Squam.]
 After a couple of days of rest, I woke to warm, glorious fall days. 

I’m letting the sun and fresh air nourish my body and letting Mother Nature nourish my spirit.

 Balance will once again be found. 

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