Fire Starters

At the end of a long, cold day, it’s such a comfort to be able to come home and start a fire in the fireplace. To get those fires going a little more quickly, these home made fire starters work like a charm.  
Gather these four supplies: newspaper, string, dried out pine combs and cinnamon sticks. I had some cinnamon and pine scented pine combs from the craft store left over from another project that I used. You can also add some dried herbs like thyme or rosemary for more of an aromatic experience. 

Lay a pine comb and cinnamon stick out on a half a sheet of newspaper, roll the paper up, twist each end and tie them both off with some string. 

It’s seriously that simple. I keep them in a basket by the fireplace, but they could also make a nice gift for the hostess of your next, dare I say, ‘holiday’ party. 

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