Flea Market Lessons

‘Where have I been,?’ you may ask. I’ve been a bit quiet with checking in and saying, ‘hello,’ this I do admit. Behind the scenes I have been painting night and day. No joke. For the past two weeks, I’ve spent most of my free time painting different upcycled pieces, gathering and making for my very first flea market….as a vendor. 

Boy oh boy, the work that goes into a small tent full of goodies. There is a whole new appreciation for this sort of thing. And you better believe the next time I walk into someones tent or pass a stand I like or enjoy, I will be sure to tell them what a visual treat it is. 

The first lovely ladies of the day to come by sure were the sweetest. We chatted mixed media collage, design, furniture and collecting just the right pieces. These ladies, my aunts and mom who sat and chatted with me throughout the day, literally made my day. 

I also learned A LOT! One of my aunts is a merchandiser for a store and gave me loads of tips on how to improve upon what I already know. 

In the mix of my pastel pretty goods, loving family and happy customers I also learned the hard lesson of how to move on when people who are downright rude, loud and mean about their dislike for what I do and how I do it. Not that I haven’t encountered these qualities before in someone, I assure you I don’t live in a bubble, but I certainly wasn’t expecting this within my own little makeshift ‘shop’ for a day. 

I’ve been in plenty of shops that don’t appeal to me. My approach is that, what I see, is the taste and enjoyment of someone else, not mine and I quietly and politely leave. Plain and simple. Oh but the world does not always play according to my rules, so when this person’s words became negative [and loud], my feelings were hurt.  

Thicker skin I will grow. Looking back, I’m proud I took a chance and put myself out there.

Hearing people ask if I have a store or online shop, reinforces what I do is worthy of my time, that there are like minded people out there and my goods brings enjoyment and comfort to their lives.

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