Friday’s Quote

Sunflowers in October? Yes, please. During my morning errands I came across two fields of these late bloomers. Or at least what I believe to be late bloomers. But, really, who am I to say they’re late? They’re here and just perfect in my eyes. 
They were growing next to a pumpkin patch, so naturally I could barely contain my excitement. The lady working the farm stand came over to see if I was okay. She walked away clearly puzzled by my zealous picture taking.  

You see, there’s this quote I’ve been planning to share with you today and yet I was just about convinced, given the time of year, I wasn’t going to find just the right photo of a blooming flower. And yet, the universe provided exactly what I was looking for in the middle of what I perceived to be a mundane morning. 

‘And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk to bloom.’ – Anais Nin 

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