Friday’s Quote

‘Pets are like family.’ I’m not sure who said this first, but it could not be more true and Jax couldn’t be more mine if I had given birth to him. Am I making you laugh? I sure hope so because I could use a good laugh today. He is hysterically funny, a bit stubborn from time to time, very loving and stomps his foot when I am not getting him what he wants — just like me I tell ya.

Back to that laugh I could use. I’m recovering from a case of frazzled nerves. This morning I brought him into get his nails trimmed, which is always an event. Each time he happily gets in the car, but when we get there he sings a different tune. And by different tune, I mean he gets feisty. This morning was no different.

The shop owner brought him in the back [where I couldn’t see him] to do the trim and I heard a scream, much like a human, that instantly made my blood run cold. Without a doubt I knew it was my little guy. It’s not a sound I has ever heard him make. He was brought back out with blood on his face and I nearly lost it.

This protective mama was far from happy and the conversation that followed wasn’t comforting. They cut his nail too short and were having a tough time getting it to stop bleeding [and some wound up on his chin]. I’ll spare you any more of the details. In the end he was fine, but seeing his paw dripping with blood, sent me into a state of I’ll do anything to make him happy and healthy. Isn’t that what one wants for family?

Afterwards, a long cuddle, two cups of tea and a couple episodes of Call the Midwife were in order. What’s that you say? Oh yes, mother and son are doing much better now, thank you for asking. If you have any nail trimming advice, please send it my way. There has to be an easier, less traumatic way, for all parties involved.

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