Friday’s Quote

How are you doing dear friends? I hope the week has treated you well. The Christmas music is blaring nightly here. The lights in the house twinkle away as gifts are made and wrapped with a shout out from across the hall from my studio to his, ‘no peeking!’ It’s returned with something like, ‘but I need a different roll of wrapping paper?’
During the midst of all this, I heard one of my favorite Christmas lines from the song ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ sung by Judy Garland. I adore her voice and when I hear, ‘From now on your troubles will be out of sight…’ it serves as a reminder that that no matter what it is we’re facing this time of year [let’s face it, the holidays are not joyful all the time], it will pass and this time next year it will be behind us. 
Whenever you can, enjoy all there is in the present and try separating it from all that other stuff swarming around. Missing out on the joys the season has to offer because of some nagging little problem, isn’t worth it. That problem, like the knot in your neck after a bad night’s sleep, will work itself out. Mark my words. 

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