Friday’s Quote

Watching one season greet another is a brilliant act of Mother Nature. As summer fades into fall, I’m trying to absorb all they both have to offer.

One of Philosophy’s latest products so eloquently captures summer in all it’s young glory. Before summer passes us by, I just had to share their latest philosophy on ‘Falling in Love – Summer.’

‘philosophy: the spark of summer love is bright and dazzling. it dances you through days of sunny encounters and sweeps you into warm nights of romantic outings. like a shooting star, summer love captures you in a spectacular moment. summer love may be fleeting, but its glow is unforgettable. it is a glimpse of true love that inspires you to look to the universe for the next great spark.’

There is a part of me that likes to believe that something this simple could put just a little more love into the world. May both seasons greet you with warmth, kindness and beauty this weekend!

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