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A few years ago, around the holidays, as I was getting to know my soon to be niece I asked her what she wanted from Santa for Christmas. When she replied with an indifferent, ‘I don’t know’ I thought maybe she didn’t hear me correctly and I started to ask her again. Luckily her mom was there to explain that in their house for the holidays no one makes a list of things they would like. Instead, ‘you get what you get, and you like it.’ In all honesty, my inner child took this harshly. I grew up making my own personal catalog [AKA – wish list] for  my mom to pass along to Santa. Needless to say, this concept was a bit lost on me.
Time passed and yet this ‘you get what you get, and you like it’ concept has stuck with me. It’s challenged me time and time again, and come to find out there are times when it’s a fairly wise approach for certain circumstances. It has even become a phrase that we use on a regular basis in our house.
When you don’t go around expecting things, it leaves a decent amount of room for pleasant surprises. Mind you, I do believe there are areas in life where it is important to have standards, to know what’s best for you and to not become a walking doormat, but when life throws you a curve ball, I challenge you to try and face it with a ‘you get what you get, and you like it’ attitude – even if it’s just for a few minutes.
Have a lovely weekend blog readers! 

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  1. Handgathered says:

    Touche’! What a way to take the greed out of the holidays, but alas, the damage has been done. My ‘kids’ are 16 and 25, girl and boy. I like to think we instilled a decent amount of conscience in both, tho. Your story proves that it’s what you do at home that matters; not the outside world. Thanks for sharing that.

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