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A couple of years ago I took a three day workshop centered around empowerment. After a couple ‘bonding days’ in the class, the leaders had participants break up into groups of five. From there one person in the group sat quietly, while the others took turns verbally giving positive characteristic traits that they saw in you. 
What a moving experience to be held in a space where you’re reminded of how wonderful you really are and the gifts you have that simply shine through. Most people cry, which is natural, but the real tear jerker comes when your group is asked to come up with an underlying trait they would like to see you bring to the forefront and use to empower your goals. Mine happened to be, “a leap of faith” and it resonated more than they will ever know. After the class I found this quote, and its still hanging on my inspiration board two years later. 
“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” – Margaret Shepherd
As you gather with friends and family this weekend, or during the coming weeks for the holidays (can you believe they are practically here?!), what a great activity to empower your loved ones and you as you begin thinking about entering into the New Year. 

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