Friday’s Quotes

That’s right, this Friday there are multiple ‘quotes’ or rather intentions to share. I’ve been taking an online class that has been not only focusing on new art skills, but also the power and importance of intentions. Setting them for yourself, saying them on a daily basis and slowly watching them sink into your life. And that is exactly what has been happening. 
[be lulled by an inner sea] 
Each day the teacher posts a prompt, shares a video or some other tool to get the class going and although I can’t quite keep up with the speed, I am taking it in, in my own way and on my own schedule. These intentions have created some inner peace and reflect a new wave of change that has been happening. 

[The Power of a Flower. Plant the seed. Watch it grow.]
As for the art itself, each piece is done on watercolor paper with a mix of India inks, watercolor paint and pencils as well as some gel ink pens. It’s been great practice for me at sketching and writing in cursive again – it’s been ages. Creating on paper versus a canvas has also helped me let go and just have fun with the process without taking it too seriously. 

[be filled from within] 
It’s much easier to throw away a piece or let it go when I’m not happy with it when it’s on paper. Mentally I am so not there when it comes to a canvas. I want them all to be good. 
[dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in your hair] 
I encourage you to set an intention and see what comes of it. What do you have to lose?
Have a lovely, creative weekend.

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