Do you like free, lovely things? I like free, lovely things too. That’s exactly why I’m super excited to be a part of Lucky Star’s instructor giveaway. With an incredible lineup of instructors and classes this fall, we’re doing everything we can to get the word out and get all you hard working ladies to the gorgeous hills of Texas. Feed your soul with like-minded spirits, serene surroundings and the workshops you crave. This is truly the stuff daydreams are made of. 
Trying to come up with a giveaway for Lucky Star was harder than I thought and I couldn’t pick just one thing to make. Instead there are three things from the past year that have come out of my studio that I love and my customers do as well. 
1. Restorative Lavender Lemon Hand Scrub: Whether it’s a long day in the studio, washing too many dishes or changing too many diapers, this is just the stuff those hands that do it all need. It’s all natural and a delight for the senses.  
2. Felt Acorns: These sweeties are perfect for that little bowl that you never know what to do with. Anytime of year, they will add a natural and whimsical touch to your decor. 
3. Wet Felted Table Runner: This one of a kind 11”x 10” table runner will sure to brighten any side table or dresser. Durable enough to tolerate those little hands in the family too that just love to touch everything. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Lucky Star today for your chance to win. 

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