It’s been a whirlwind of activity this past week or so. Squam was all it’s cracked up to be and more. It wasn’t one of those trips that you daydream about for months on end, only to get there and to be a little let down. When fellow Squamies say that it’s a magical experience, they truly mean it. And to experience magic as an adult is something to behold. 

This magic, swirling around from the minute I pulled in, grounded me faster than I knew possible. I simply can’t recall the last time I was surrounded by that many pure, smiling faces filled with intentions to help, learn, grow, create and meet new friends. Any fear I had about attending, without knowing anyone, was quickly washed away by what my spirit quickly recognized as a deeply meaningful place to be.
I was so grounded, especially, that first day that I barely took any pictures. There was an intense desire to be in the moment, to not let it slip away. And when I did pick up the camera I found myself taking pictures of my feet. I now know, it was to capture how grounded I had become. To be able to reflect on it for those post-Squam days, when it becomes easy to question if it really happened at all.
I’ll post more pictures and stories from my time there in the coming week as I process and reflect on finding magic tucked away in the woods and the shores of Squam Lake. 

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