‘I Can’

Where has January gone?! It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of the month already. I’m not exactly sad to see it go – especially with all the snow we’ve been getting and more on the way, but it does make me stop and think about how quickly time tends to just slip through our fingers. This time last month the year was coming to a close. I was busy, like many, celebrating and making New Year’s resolutions…feeling the afterglow of the holiday season paired with the promise of hope for the coming 12 months. Doesn’t that just sound lovely?!

It was…that is until those pretty sparkling holiday lights faded to black. The trees brought into homes for a sign of life and celebration were tossed to the curb. The speed of things increased slowly but surely until life in general went back to what felt like the ‘old’ routine, leaving it a bit challenging to feel motivated to get off the couch, out of comfy clothes and working towards all those resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams that had me all jazzed.

The thing is though, time is moving along, doing its thing – with or without me. Simply put, I need to keep moving towards all that it is that I wish to do, despite feeling like the world is nothing but one big, very cold iceberg.

Australian artist, Jane Davenport’s calendar is hanging above my desk at work and now it’s also in my mudroom (liked it so much I picked up two). This picture has been staring back at me all month through those quiet and not so quiet times, whispering again and again, “I Can.” And the funny thing is that little starfish has taken on a persona all its own in the way it talks to me and moves me. If I sit quietly enough, I can almost hear the waves. Feel the powerful and yet centering feeling that often comes with being by the ocean. It’s in those moments that I’m reminded of all I resolve to do. Wish to do. Dream to do.

Here’s a toast to another month of resolving to look life in the face with courage and strength to follow all that it is we wish for ourselves.

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