It’s a Date

Rather…it was a date! All areas of my life needed some attention this past week. The never ending pile of laundry, grocery shopping, dusting, etc. was all put aside for a date with my favorite guy. My husband.  

Between our trip to Toronto with Jax-the-Dog [where I sat in the back the entire trip with Jax], my trip to Squam and then heading back to work, it feels like ages since we’ve spent some real quality time together. Friday we hit the road and had an afternoon by the lake. 

It felt so indulgent to be without my furry friend by my side. I love him to pieces, but as of late, I am in need of a break. We had lunch outside, sat by the water….

….hit up an antique shop…

 …admired some pumpkins….

…and just enjoy each other’s company. 

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