Keep Calm….

…And Carry On. Two years ago when I was visiting one of my dear friends in Boston, there was a bag she just had to show me in a little boutique, named Acquire, close to her apartment in the North End. Who was I to argue? Off we went and I instantly fell in love with the canvas bag that had this phrase on it “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Needless to say, I purchased the bag and proceeded to carry it everywhere with me. It became my mantra for a good year. And that meant my friends and family picked up little trinkets in their travels with the phrase on it. Today, I have a couple of pillows, a water bottle, cards, and even Band-Aids. I have to say though my favorite is still the original canvas bag. And although I certainly don’t need anything else, I have been thinking about how it would be nice to have a piece of artwork with the phrase on it.
Last weekend (yes, I am behind on my blogging), I took a great class locally entitled, “Let’s Get Plastered.” What a cheeky name, huh?! The class was a relaxing day, filled with playing with plaster on an 8×10 canvas.  Taking plaster (A.K.A. spackle) right from the hardware store and smearing it all over your canvas you proceed to draw on it with skewers. There was something very Zen like about taking skewers and dragging them through thick plaster. And not having the best spontaneous drawing skills I found myself making a series of lines. In the end, I took my hand dandy iPhone out, found a picture of the British flag and used it as a guide for where to place my lines. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…what good is the British flag without the “Keep Calm and Carry On” phrase?! I quickly found out that writing in plaster is not as easy as it may sound. A few hours later once it was dry I picked out turquoise and pinkish red paints, added a paper crown cutout in the middle and just like that I now have my very own piece of art. 

Although, I do believe I can’t keep it to myself. We are having an art show at work where my co-workers and I are going to be bringing in our own personal pieces and hanging them in our creative thinking room. In another week or so, I’ll bring it in to share for a few months in the art show before bringing it home for good and hanging it in my home office.
Keep Calm and Carry On ladies 🙂

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