Living on the Edge

Don’t get too excited about my living on the edge [wink]. We’re talking furniture makeovers of these fun finds and potentially sending them back out into the world, all spiffied up and ready for a new lease on life. This is a huge step for me to work on a piece of furniture and then sell it [versus keeping it]. 
This secretary desk is whispering, ‘please paint me using a two color, shabby chic palette.’  

And even though this dress form [for years I used to call them Maidenform’s – ha – not sure why] has seen better days, I was head over heels happy with the find. Ever since reading about the Core art show project out in L.A. a few years ago, I have been inspired to work on an art deco version of one. Not sure what my theme for this pretty is going to be yet, but when she’s ready to get all gussied up, she’ll let me know. 

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