Made By Hand

Made by hand gifts became an assembly line project this weekend. What started out being made for friends and family, quickly became discovered and requested for my lovely neighbor’s salon. I was thrilled to say the least. 

Lavender toner, rosewater toner, aromatherapy spray, impurity oil, hand salve, lip scrub and soaps filled the kitchen along with bottles, boxes, labels and supplies. By the time dinner hour rolled around, there was little to no room to cook [lavender may or may not have been accidentally added to dinner – that’s just between us though]. 

Making each item is a total treat for the senses, but the packaging process wins me over each time. It becomes a process of playing until the packaging alone becomes a gift. 

And you may recall a reoccurring theme with these felted acorns. Perhaps it’s a sign as having just discovered the Acorn Theory.

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