Between the holidays and the passing of my grandfather, I’m flooded with nostalgic memories. Ironically enough, there was a time quite recently that I was worried about forgetting precious moments in general with each passing year. Although this inevitably happens, I’m struck by how quickly time comes rushing back to comfort me during this time of loss (and yes, there are times when its more of a haunting feeling than comfort, but I’ll take it). 
His adventurous younger man years evolved into the devoted man I will miss. One of the things that stands out in my mind is how dearly he loved one of the sweetest people I know, my grandmother. Their love deepened through the years and I would guess there was a time when they fell in love all over again. 
He was always there to guide the way for her and lovingly protect her. It was touching to watch them hold hands; dance together when no one else was; telling her how pretty she is and open every door. He was devoted and loving to the very end. 
I dare to ask, is there any other way to be? 

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