Moms are beautiful aren’t they. Mine sure is. Over the past year I’ve watched her give a lot of herself, more than I thought was possible, while she cares and continues to care for my grandmother. In addition to her tea party last week, I wanted to do something special for her birthday. Well, more than special really. It had to be meaningful, memorable and a family keepsake.  
I couldn’t think of anything more meaningful than a generational photo of the women in our family. Since my great grandmother is no longer with us and my grandmother is not in a state she wants documented, a local artist was commissioned to paint a portrait of the four of us against a well known family backdrop – the family grape vine arbor. 
Women are the fabric that holds a family together. Through thick and thin, they care, tend and mend whatever needs attention and love. As my mom celebrates another year, I hope she feels the love of her family.  

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